Qigong in the city!

Join me Tuesday Dec 2nd at Yoga Village in Toronto for a special Qigong class 7:30-8:45pm.

Fabulous space with fabulous people!

This is Toronto's first pay-what-you-can Yoga community!


Costa Rica Retreat February 14-21 &/or 21-28, 2015

The earlybird deadline has been extended to Nov 30 this year.  Please take the time to consider gifting yourself with time to relax, and restore your personal energy.  

This retreat is open to any woman who could benefit from a relaxing time and space, absolutely no experience is needed for Nia or Qigong.  The wonderful thing about both practices is the simplicity and ease of each to create beauty & joy within ourselves.

Live Simply, Simply Live!


Simplicity : Pura Vida

Remove the complexities & crowded time schedules from our lives and what do we get?  Time, time to enjoy the path we take, time to enjoy the flavours of food bursting in our mouths, time to enjoy conversations and thoughts shared with others, & time to reflect on and nourish our own thoughts.

The life in Costa Rica is just that, simplified to enjoyment.  The air is simply fresh, the water is simply lovely, the food is simply delicious, & the people are simply wonderful.  Let your body go to accept the slower pace and feel your mind untangle and relax, opening up to it's full potential & unique creativity that will be sparked by the sumptuous beauty surrounding you.

May we find the same ability in our everyday to let go, open our eyes, breathe, & simply live with joy.


Creativity Unleashed


The dynamic energy of Costa Rica errupts through amazing details and flourishes of creativity from the land and her people.  A simple walk along the beach can reveal elegant sculptures in the sand created from the dance of waves upon it & intricate paintings from the feet of the resident crabs.  A walk within the wraps of the jungle will lead you to delicate symmetry and bold colourings in the abundant foliage and flowers.  The land inspires creativity by finding new life for a wisened tree past it's prime as a prominent backdrop to frame and uplift fanciful orchids. 

Beauty in all things & in all things beauty.

Allow your mind to untangle and slow down & open it to the inspiring energy of Costa Rica.  As the land herself grows and stretches to live outside the frames, so we too can learn to expand and express our own spirits with beauty and renewed life.



Energy of Strength 

From the breaking of the day to the setting of the sun, the innate strength of Costa Rica resonates through its land and people.  An energy that speaks of ancient power, the pride of perseverence and beauty, alongside the flexibility to endure inevitable change.

Rugged terrain carved from the history of the land echoes with stories of the past and shelters amazing landscapes and trails to discover.  By land or by water, the strength of the land will wash over you & energize your body and soul.  Massive trees stand firmly rooted, seeming to open their arms with compassion.  Rivers swell to accept the bounties of the water from the skies.  Animals walk, swing and fly with the strength and agility devoid of fear.

The pure energy of Costa Rica forges the spirit and lifts the soul.  May we walk through our days with a similar honour and strength that comes from being firmly rooted in goodness.



Sweet Succulence

A land bursting with vitality, Costa Rica expresses her passion through intoxicating colours, lush jungles, dynamic wildlife & foods exploding with flavours and goodness!

Time spent in Costa Rica is not only relaxing & rejuvenating, but is an exploration for the senses.  The sweet smells of the vibrant flowers, the throaty undertones of the howler monkeys amidst the calls of birds, frogs & other jungle wildlife all tempt the senses into renewed youth.  The bountiful flavours packed within sumptuous fruits and foods from the generous rainfalls awaken the tastebuds and feed the body and soul.

Costa Rica is a land that embraces the spirit of the harvest and through the changes of the seasons, empregnates her works with richness.  It is up to us only to open our senses, pause, and enjoy.  May we delight in our own lives and experiences with the same passion & taste the richness our energy creates.




The Breath of the Water

With nearly 300 unique beaches along the Pacific & Caribbean coastlines, Costa Rica boasts an intimate relationship with the joys and dynamics of the water.  The loyal rhthym of the waves gives breath & life into the land as the beat of a drum lends depth and pulse to a dance.  

Experience the joys of swimming, surfing, boating, fishing, or simply the lap of the waves over your feet as you explore sands of varying colour from white, or black to mixtures of brown.  Delight in the treasures of beautiful shells, sand dollars, and wildlife that share the magnificent diversity of the beaches for their homes.  

Coasts of Costa Rica - An awe inspiring natural example of the beauty that is created in a whole when diversity is embraced.  May our lives reflect this too.



Tastes of Costa Rica

Take a tour of the senses through Costa Rica this week.  Visit this page for something new each day.

Enjoy tastes of different beauties this country holds and nourishes through it's land, diversity, culture & people.
Feel the passion of this country and may it's warmth penetrate into your daily life wherever you are!