is an ancient Chinese healing exercise.  It uses a combination of deep breathing, proper posture and movement, along with focused visualization to promote good vitality and longevity.  It is a form of exercise that anyone of any age and ability can do.

Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong (RWLQ)     

Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong is a unique style of qigong created specifically to help with the physical and emotional stress patterns that a female body encounters.  Not only is the female body different physiologically, it is also unique in the manner to which it responds to stress of all forms.  Stress of any kind can trigger affects even at a cellular level and over time, can lead to physiological discomfort, pain or disease.  Developing and maintaining a smooth flow of energy through the body will help to despel stress and can alleviate many physical ailments.

Radiant Lotus Qigong is a series of health and beauty exercises from China and Tibet that focuses on optimizing women's health and healing to bring more peace, joy, resilience, focus, flexibility, strength, grace and radiant health to every female, aged 15 to 115!  These are fun, easy and effective techniques that cater to the unique physical and emotional stress patterns that a female body encounters. Once learned, they can be practiced daily to cultivate and maintain radiant health and emotional poise in all facets of life. 

Please visit  www.radiantlotusqigong.com  to read testimonials of women around the world enjoying its benefits today!


Classes  (no experience necessary)

RWLQ ~ Annual Retreat to Costa Rica February 23 - March 2, 2018

One week intensive study to support the natural beauty of your health.  All women welcome, no experience necessary.

Spaces are limited to 10...book your spot early!

email me @ TCMgeorgetown@yahoo.ca for more details and registration


Tuesday evenings  7:30-8:30pm   Fall 2017 

 Balanced Acupuncture & 
The Glen Fitness Studio
...Welcome you to join us Tuesday evenings for the Qigong session of your choice:
Simplicity & Balance in Life ~
The Theory of Yin & Yang made easy through movement (all genders welcome)
Tuesday September 26 - October 24

Delve into the depths of the beautiful theory of Yin & Yang in a relaxed and friendly environment.  Explore how the simplicity of balance and flow of movement can help generate and culitvate strength, joy and vibrant health in every aspect of your mind, body and life.  

Create space for yourself again and embrace each moment with a new sense of appreciation and wonder.

5 Week Session ~ Cost: $90 for 5 weeks, or $20 drop-in

For more information & to register Contact Barb Gill at barb@glenfitness.com or (647) 525-6839 

Space is limited ~ reserve your space early


Organ Cleansing Qigong ~ A Natural Detox (all genders welcome)
 Tuesday Nov 7 - Dec 5 
Join us to learn a series of gentle movements to cleanse, nourish & strengthen the whole body.  
Through a series of mindful guided movements & breathing techniques, learn how to help cleanse and nourish the 8 main organ systems of your body.  A natural and gentle form for eliminating toxins from our body, these movements help to promote balance and vibrant health within the body & will support other detox programs to help you maximize your efforts.  
Each class will also end with an optional short time of quiet mindful meditation that will help promote a more restful sleep.
 5 Week Session    Cost - $90.00 for 5 weeks or $20 drop-in/class
For more information & to register Contact Barb Gill at barb@glenfitness.com or (647) 525-6839 
Space is limited ~ reserve your space early


Location:  The Glen Fitness Studio (511 Main St, Glen Williams)
Registration:  Barb@glenfitness.com


Tuesdays & Fridays @ The Glen Fitness Studio in Glen Williams

8:15-8:45am every week (open class)

This class introduces simple stretch exercises to open the muscles, joints, mind and breath to increase flexibility and help support our daily activities and avoid injury. (no experience necessary)

cost ~ Drop In ~ $10/class or $15 for 2 classes/week



Personal Qigong   (open to all ages)

1hour sessions by appointment for 1-3 people

Location: The Ancient Way Massage Therapy Clinic
97 Main St. South, Georgetown, ON
Registration: Contact Heather @ TCMgeorgetown@yahoo.ca


Workshops:   Dates TBA

Qigong Workshops ~  Register in Advance by email to TCMgeorgetown@yahoo.ca


 Glen Williams
Body Balance: Interpreting Your Body's Voice

~ learn to recognize signs and symptoms of your body's voice and learn specific supportive Qigong movements and acupressure techniques to help rebalance your own body. 
What does my tongue look like and what does it mean?  Why is my stomach upset after certain foods? Why am I waking at 2-3am every morning? Why am I getting headaches? Why is my skin dry? .... Just some of the questions we can explore! 


Glen Williams

 Self Defence: Are you ready?

In this workshop, we will focus on specific movements and natural strategies to support the immune system, to release tension and stress, and to maintain personal balance within stressful environments, all of which can compromise our bodies and leave us susceptible to illness. 


Glen Williams

Sport Qigong 

Learn easy movements to help open the joints, increase flexibility and core strength, gain better mental focus and to increase your endurance.