(special massage services are also available for children, and for women during pregnancy on our 'packages' page)

"Bamboo Relaxation"

A gentle back massage, using bamboo for a light stimulation of the energy channels to re-balance the body and relieve stress toxin build-up.  (30 mins)


"Classic Therapy" 


A classical Chinese Tuina massage intented to gently open the energy channels to relieve tension and stress in the muscles and joints.  A great introductory therapy.         (back only: 45 mins,  whole body: 60 mins)


"Deep Tuina Therapy"

A deeper tissue massage that targets the energy channels and Acupuncture points to invigorate and re-balance the body.  (back only: 30-45 mins,  whole body: 60 mins)


"Target Tuina Therapy" **

A specialized therapy targeted to release specific tension and relieve pain through the use of Tuina massage and acupressure.  (20-30 mins)


"Headache Therapy"  **

A unique therapy using a combination of acupressure & scalp, facial and neck massage to relieve the tension of headaches. (30-45 mins)



**    these treatments may be combined with acupuncture to aid in the therapeutic effects depending on individual circumstances.


 Please visit our "packages" page for pricing details.